Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"not sure what the future holds but it must be better than this" right???

not sure where bf and I stand at the moment.... he came home from work saturday morning and i was in bed waiting for him to see what he would do. he ended up cuddling with me and when i rolled over to face him and he was holding me close i was trying sooooo hard not to cry... i love him so much.... he was rubbing my back and we ended up sleeping together... i wanted him so bad... so now he seems like because we slept together everything is ok, i explained to him its not. nothing is going to change if we dont keep the conversation going. so i dont know whats going to happen next..... i love him so much and im not giving up with out a fight i just wish he cared more to want to make the relationship work... he says he loves me but if he did wouldnt he want to work with me on fixing things??

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