Monday, September 1, 2014

There are few things in life I'm very passionate about, one of those is children. I work as a nanny and am almost a certified Doula as well. I know so much about raising kids between hands on experience and reading books etc. I have my mind set on what I want for my children and I refuse to change that for anyone. I will have a natural birth, I will  breastfeed (preferably to age 2 if im able too because the benefits are so important.) I wont give my kids cows milk (cows milk is for baby cows not for humans) I will baby wear, co-sleep, use cloth diapers, do baby led weaning, I wont circumcise my boys, and I dont want to vaccinate either. Ive done the RESEARCH, I know whats best for my future children.  I will fight for them because they dont have a voice to do it themselves. I dont care what others choose to do with their lives, Im not here to judge anyone,  but I know what will work for me and thats one area I wont compromise on at all. Its way to important to me, and it will be a deal breaker.