Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jumping in head first

(i first wrote this 2 weeks ago... just getting around to posting it now)

Ive never been one to stay single for very long. I always went from one relationship to the next. I spent 7 years with my ex. We lived together for just over 3 yrs. When we broke up i cried, got over it and put my dating profiles back up online. I was moving on.... Time passed, id go on an occasional date but it was really hard. I got tired of telling everyone about me and my life like how my dad passed away when i was 12 etc. Kept thinking well my ex knows all this stuff about me and i dont want anyone else to have to learn it. Of course he had had 7 years to learn it all. I pushed a lot of guys away, some nice, most creeps, because i just couldnt fathom opening my heart up to someone and getting hurt again. A year passed and things got better. Went on a date with no expectations and we just clicked. It felt right. It was great. After having spent a few days together and every day texting i have fallen hard and that scares me to death! We cant predict the future who knows where we are headed or if it will last but im crazy about him. He makes me laugh, theres always a smile on my face when im thinking about him, and being in his arms just feels right. Im happy and hopeful and ready to enjoy every moment we are together! Let the adventure begin! 

Since i wrote the above Im happy to say Im head over heels in love with him and things are great! I have never been happier! Looking forward to enjoying my time getting to know him more :)